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Pocket-lint: Fujifilm X-Pro1 review

Pocket-lint: The 16.3 effective megapixel Fuji X-Pro1 camera has barely left our side for the past two weeks. And it’s not purely because, with its sturdy high-end enthusiast metal build, plus Leica M8/M9-alike rangefinder styling, it is the sort of camera once bought you certainly want to show off.

This Fuji, the fourth retro-cool X-series model, and the first on which the lens can be swapped, arrives in a market where its closest digital competitors, aside from Leica’s own fixed lens X1, are the new Olympus OM-D and Sony NEX-7. Both those strong rivals likewise feature a built-in viewfinder. Slightly cheaper still, and also with a viewfinder is Nikon’s V1 compact. The Fuji is arguably in a different class though.

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