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Tupac Hologram Wasn’t a Hologram

Gizmodo: Oh Pac, you've duped us once again. It turns out that disquieting hologram burning its way across Coachella and the entire internet wasn't an actual hologram at all: just a reflection using a 19th century magician's tricks.

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Bimkoblerutso2376d ago

The real truth is that it wasn't a reflection either. Tupac lives.

Blasphemy2376d ago

I hope you guys are kidding and don't believe what you are actually saying. It wasn't his voice either... Also the persoon they had to motion capture the "hologramed" pac did a bad imitation of him.

Hayabusa 1172376d ago

No, he's not joking, Tupac has been alive all this time as the conspiracy theorists suggest and has chosen to do this one time performance and demonstrate his new ability to burst into a ball of light...:P

Kurylo3d2376d ago

Dont forget he has his ability to be 2 dimensional... u know when the camera turns u can see hes totally flat.

chaos-lockheart2375d ago

and dont forget his feet can go through the floor

BeastOrange2376d ago

lmao I said the same thing. Honestly nobody has the money to produces full 3d real life hologram for entertainment, if that were the case last year at CES mock prototypes would have been leaked in my opinion.

Panthers2376d ago

I dont see how holograms would even be possible right now. Of course this wasnt actually a hologram like you see in Star Wars... It was a trick that looked cool as hell. It worked so thats all that matters.

thrashermario2376d ago

google project bluebeam, the nwo is ready for it

DeadManMcCarthy2376d ago

read about that a while ago, interesting stuff they can pretty much stage a realistic alien invasion if they wanted too.

thrashermario2376d ago

its ready dude any day the fake invasion will happen, but we already know the truth

BeastOrange2376d ago

Bluebeam, scalar weaponry, and chemtrails....oh my!

WitWolfy2376d ago

Epic thats some of the best graphics Iv'e ever seen. Kudos to the team who put the time and effort into it!

dreamtheater872376d ago

It's a simple yet effective little trick. The Haunted Mansion attraction in Disney parks uses it to great effect, and the original opened in 1969!

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The story is too old to be commented.