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Google Drive: The death of Dropbox?

If the rumours are correct, Google should be launching it own cloud-based storage drive service called Google Drive. But can it stand to the competition or even demolish it?

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Speed-Racer2379d ago

Definitely worth giving it a shot. 5GB for a starting package is not bad at all.

crxss2378d ago

this will demolish competition. time to buy those goog shares

GamingPerson2378d ago

also google is not shutting down anytime soon. they win just because they are stable.

RonyDean2379d ago

Hope it is true. Call me crazy, but I like having all my stuff in one place.

Gondee2378d ago

I don't think it will kill dropbox. Dropbox is integrated in so many different applications. Just because google endorses something doesn't mean it kills the current offerings. Think Google buzz, Google document, G+, and their photo deal.

I think this will fly under the radar when launched, and become another one of googles unknown features.

silvacrest2378d ago

i doubt that

like others have said, given the chance they would rather have all their services under the same umbrella

i dont use cloud storage much but the small content i do have on dropbox will be moved to google drive

Gondee2378d ago

I don't understand how this will benefit even google users. Its not integrated in any3rd party applications. Then, it will probably launch with a sparse feature set.

I can go anywhere for online storage, its how its integrated, and the feature it provides. With drop box, i can access it from any phone, send download links to friends,sync over lan connections for speed, share a folder across more than one account, and use it on any platform. People that switch will be saying the same crap all google product users say. It will get better-its coming out later, when in reality, it will probably just get dumped for low user base, and you will be stick with a zip file of all your cloud

Cat2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I'm with Gondee.

I'm sticking with DropBox, have more than enough storage and I admit, Google is creeping me out more often than not these days.

kingPoS2378d ago

I don't know about everyone else. I'd rather not have my name affiliated in any way should I choose to upload via google drive.

givemeshelter2378d ago

If this has full integration of all of Google's services (which it should) then it will kill off Drop box.

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