Google Plus Continues To Copy Facebook

TechFlashed : Google+ is a social networking Service started by the Web Giant Google. From The Start of Google plus it has been observed that it is copying The Facebook which is the biggest social networking Ever.Recently Google plus revealed Its new Look Which encouraged Us to Write this article .

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Speed-Racer2431d ago

Good summary here. G+ is dead in the water. In the UI department, there is no denying that they jacked Facebook's layout and just flipped some of it. There are barely any interesting features that set it apart from FB. If they wanted to create a social network, they should have done something totally new. Look at how quickly Pinterest has grown. Those guys didn't copy FB and are now reaping rewards. Google needs to understand that social networking is not their game. They excel at so many other things, so just give it a rest.

AgentWhite2431d ago

i wonder why not google plus change their colour combination just like facebook .
i really don't know why google has to copy someone to grow As they have enough resources to beat the best in the web . You pointed the excellence of pinterest , why not google come with an exiting new interface and idea .
google plus new look is also disappointing .