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Nokia CEO calls multicore processors useless and wasteful

MobileBliss: Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia, has spoken out against mutlicore processors.

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2pacalypsenow2381d ago

they are preety useless in on cellphones imo

badz1492380d ago

more RAM! most mobile apps are simple enough to run with just a single core processor but small RAM makes everything runs slow and multi-tasking a pain in the ass!

silvacrest2381d ago

it depends on the OS 100%

does it need it?

does it support it?

both answers are no for windows phone 7 and consequently, nokia phones

slavish2381d ago

if you don't use it then, yeah

badkolo2381d ago

ok but what about games, dont they need it, im asking as i dont know since windows phones will be pushing xbox live and arcade games??

KingPin2381d ago

says the phone company that still thinks symbian can compete with Android, WP7 and iOS. rrriiiiiiight.

kevnb2381d ago

theyve all but dropped symbian now, they are focused on windows phone 7 which doesnt allow dual cores.

badz1492380d ago

Nokia phones still sell very well at the low end market and just recently Symbian got MS Office compatibility

KingPin2380d ago

"they are focused on windows phone 7 which doesnt allow dual cores."

so just coz they have hopeless software that doesnt allow for multi-cores, multi-cores are not needed and are a waste.

i think not.

its mentality like this that is going to drive a company under. i know i bought a dual-core phone <samsung galaxy s2> coz i know i wont have to buy another phone in a while. instead of buying a whole new phone for ICS i just updated. i wanna see nokia do that. oh wait, they dont. for every new feature, they release a whole new phone.

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The story is too old to be commented.