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Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 2 10″ & 7″ – Price, Release date, Specs

appsplit: "Samsung has finally announced their new line of Android tablets. Previously, we have been speculating the price of these tablets and there’ve been few leaks as well, but today Samsung has made everything official."

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Tzuno3319d ago

yeah buy today because what you buy today will be obsolete in a few days. they release like crazy.

Baka-akaB3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Those releases are lazy most of all . And people wonder why android tablets are still lagging behind and struggling , compared to mobiles ?

Here we are with the three major android tab constructors , releasing their stuff with ICS (while lagging behind in ics update for the previous models) , the same non full hd screens , no new features worth any mention (seriously even acer is dropping its standard usb for a micro usb wth ?) , in Samsung's case the same processors , and a mostly pitiful app library since ICS isnt yet standard .

And all of that at rather expensive prices , when average joe can get an ipad that might be less powerful in a few months , but will still be sporting more important stuff like the best available screen right now , and a huge and friendly library ?

it will take another 3-5 months for Asus , acer and Samsung to finally release superior devices with hd screens and a complete tegra 3 lines , at probably 600-700 , with limited supplies :s .

dilawer3319d ago

still these tablets have a decent price compared to the new iPad

Baka-akaB3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

not really imo . You can find entry level new ipads between 389-450 , and probably lower if you dig enough . Bear in mind that with it you get for once a better HD screen .

Meanwhile , those re-edition are the same stuff with the same screen and mostly ICS as a new feature . The truly superior versions arent there for many months and again will cost a lot