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'One Sony' Initiative Outlined: 10,000 Jobs Axed, Sony Moving Into Medicine writes: "Kazuo Hirai has outlined his ‘One Sony’ strategy today, which sees a five-point plan to get Sony back to profitability. As part of the new initiative, the company estimates that 10,000 jobs at Sony will be lost this fiscal year, although this number also includes employees that are transferred due to the sale of Sony businesses."

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gaffyh3950d ago

Unfortunate to see so many job losses, but the plan seems like it may work, at the very least, at least Sony is focusing on some very key areas.

SITH3950d ago

Yeah Sony is focusing on key areas and it may prove beneficial. Right up to the point apple does the same thing. Then they are back were they do not want to be.

sikbeta3950d ago

IF anyone is interested:

Like the new focus in their core business: Game + Imaging + Mobile and they want to expand into Medicine

But TV Business needs to go for good, people don't care about High Quality anymore, that's why Sony TVs can't be competitive without taking huge losses

kreate3950d ago

some of the jobs arent really lost, it just got shifted from sony to another company.


1. Strengthening core businesses (Digital Imaging, Game, Mobile)
2. Turning around the television business
3. Expanding business in emerging markets
4. Creating new businesses and accelerating innovation
5. Realigning the business portfolio and optimizing resources

i agree with 1,3,4,5

but they should just drop 2 by selling off the patents and technology instead of dumping more money into it.

just my opinion.

mushroomwig3950d ago

Sony moving into Medicine? Sounds like the Umbrella corporation.

banjadude3945d ago

I thought it was an odd choice too, but I am assuming they meant producing medical equipment.

tiffac0083949d ago

The only way to turn their TV business around is to unload a huge chunk of their manufacturing out of Japan, where labor and tax are cheaper. So they can be price competitive again.

Not sure if those old Japanese executives at Sony would allow that though.