How To Fix Invalid Server Certificate Issue In Google Chrome

TechFlashed : Its been just a few days that Million of google chrome users were facing an Invalid server certificate issue on their Chrome browser .The chrome users were worried as they were thinking that they might be a victim of some hack . In such a case we must let you know That it was just a technical issue and the issue has been resolved quickly as expected .

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Blackdeath_6632383d ago

...or you could just use another web browser untill it gets fixed.

Speed-Racer2383d ago

Isn't this an automatic feature though?

In the mean time:

Step One: Install Firefox

Problem solved.

BlackRock2383d ago

I Agree problem solved.

AgentWhite2383d ago

chrome is by far the best browser ever ....and has got the best user friendly interface ....yes i agree one can not stop accessing internet if chrome is not working .But one cannot get the features of chrome in firefox.

AgentWhite2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Google chrome load faster on startup and its creates a separate process for each tab thus adding more security .And It gets updated automatically .

Speed-Racer2383d ago

Firefox updates automatically. Tests show one thing, but from my experience on various doesn't feel all that fast vs. Firefox.