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7 myths about quad-core phones (Smartphones Unlocked)

CNET : Smartphones with quad-core processors are always faster than dual-core processors, right? Only if you believe the myths.

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fatstarr2385d ago

bookmarked and stickies for future debates. this article breaks down the myths nicely.

joeorc2385d ago

This was a very good piece but there is something's that even was touched on. that the piece really did not inform the consumer about

An what i mainly mean by yes, Is what the people interviewed stated were quite factual an true. On the same token

the No part is that the over all tone of the piece is that unless the software would not take advantage of said hardware it will not really matter.

An while that is sound, it also box'es you into a corner when the fact that the speed of Multi-core software development in the Mobile space, Has increased quite fast over just in a very short pd. of Time Quite faster than Some companies i would say was hoping would not have increased at such as fast a pace.

While other Companies Had already designed their software to take advantage of said Multi-core enviroment's already and are already set for 3RD party Game engines that Take advantage of such Multi-core resources.

Now while some companies had already taken into account Multi-core the Hardware they needed was not yet finished, an would not have been ready in Time.

So using the Benchmark of just A SINGLE CORE Real world user Test is fine an dandy, it also does not Take into Account a real world test of the software in a Multi-core Enviroment Real World user test.

Now for many non intensive required App's that have no real need for Multi-core enviroments it really does not matter that much. But on the same token with more an better 3D accelerated GPU's that are being placed on such SOC's. It sure does matter to game developer's an the Engines they use to make Mobile game experiences.

chukamachine2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Article was good, but quad is better then dual, if everything is parellel.

Not quite sure why you would need quad in a phone anyway.

Not sure about would care about immense physics, or an app opening a sec quicker.

I have a dual core Samsung galaxy s2.

I don't need another phone for quite some time.