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Anti-virus software built in to Windows 8 – yay or nay?

Which? Convo: Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system will come built in with beefier anti-virus security software than its predecessors. Is this move anti-competitive, or simply good news for PC users?

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parasit32387d ago

That's good 'cause we don't have to buy any third party antivirus for it.

TABSF2387d ago

Comodo Internet Security Premium is Free
Avast is Free
AVG is Free
Malwarebytes is Free
Spybot is Free

All these are great and I would put them in front of the paid alternatives, with some of these you only pay for support

southernbanana2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

All of the alternatives you listed are pretty good. I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials for about a year and actually prefer it. I'm not sure if I could say it is better than the others, but I do know I have had very few problems since I started using it. So I say Yay!

jeeves862387d ago

I thought that Windows already had antivirus software built in?

Soldierone2387d ago

I like Windows security. It actually caught a lot of things that paid virus protection didn't catch. Plus it doesn't bog down the computer at all....hardly notice it running half the time.

I'm not saying its the best, but its rather good. So already having it in windows should be good. Plus I think MS should build it within the OS to make it even more secure.

givemeshelter2387d ago

Built in is better as it will seamlessly work with the OS without slowing the system down

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