What's better, the new iPad or the Asus EeePad Transformer Prime?

Pocket-Lint: The new iPad needed to make a statement. It needed something big in order for Apple to show it was still top trump in the hardware department compared to the competition. This it's done, but only just.

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BeastOrange3954d ago

Just seems the Transformer Prime still beats out the Ipad unless your into Facebook

bharatibn3953d ago

New iPad is the best tablet out there - no doubts about that... The iPad's all new processor, the super clear Retina Display and the Apple App Store send everything else down the hill.

Kurylo3d3952d ago

how do u figure? The new ipad is using the smae processor from the ipad2. It is using a dual core processor while the asus transformer prime is using the tegra 3 which is a quad core processor. For gaming the android transformer prime is way more powerful.

givemeshelter3951d ago

They are both toys at this point.
Ask yourself one question:

"What can a Tablet from Apple or Android offer to you that your Smartphone cannot with the exception of a larger viewing screen?"

It's a trick question...the answer is none.
Outside of the larger screen on a tablet, they offer NOTHING different than your Smartphone.