New Proof of Wii U's Release Date Emerges

IGN: According to this photo, it seems the rumors of a November launch might be true.

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fatstarr3827d ago

I believe it. Nintendo loves November for launch dates. and also wii u was announced 1 year ago this year is games and specs so its very plausible.

gaffyh3827d ago

It is definitely plausible, but if it's true then Sony and MS can start planning to ruin that launch.

fatstarr3827d ago

they have nothing to show, no e3 solid info just rumors. that means there's no 2012 launch in my book, its way to early.

gaffyh3827d ago

I don't mean with a new console, they could easily ruin Nintendo's launch by launching some major games at the same time. MS has Halo 4 coming this year and Sony has The Last Of Us, among a few others. I mean if consumers are seeing ads for Halo 4 and an Xbox 360 for around $199, why would they buy the Wii U which will almost definitely cost more.

aDDicteD3825d ago

nice thought there, nintendo's past consoles were released on the month of november so it is possible