First Single-Slot, Air-Cooled GeForce GTX 680 Taking Shape

techPowerUp: Single-slot advocates [in Asia, and select markets], your prayers are answered. Galaxy is working on a single-slot, air-cooled GeForce GTX 680. With a name that translates to "GeForce GTX 680 Warriors' Edition", Galaxy's card takes advantage of the fact that since very compact GK104 PCBs can be made, if dual-slot coolers are used, and since the TDP of the chip is a manageable 195W, the equation can be turned around to make long single-slot graphics cards.

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Software_Lover2398d ago

Please, Please, Please, Please, PLEASE DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!

SnakeCQC2398d ago

this is exciting as hell and would give me the final shove to go nvidia!

dexus2398d ago

I had for last years ATI cards, if this will be real and with good price, I am all nvidia !

SnakeCQC2398d ago

yh i bought the r6850 which is still a good card but i'm really interested in 3d vision and both high end nvidia and ati are priced the same in uk but im not too sure which way to go just yet as you do get 1 more gig of vram with ati