Angry Birds Space Skips Windows Phone For Now, But Should You Care?

IBTIMES Tech & Trend Writes: "Fans of Angry Birds on the Windows Phone platform are not happy due to a decision made by Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds. There's a new version of the most popular mobile game out, called Angry Birds Space. This version is the most innovative one among all the previous versions of the game that Rovio has been churning out on a regular basis. As you might have expected, Angry Birds Space takes place in space, but while the gameplay mechanics are the same, there are some changes that will make this one a lot different from the Angry Birds you have come to love."

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Disagree with this is .

Reuters) - Rovio is working on getting its new Angry Birds Space game to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform (WP7), its chief executive said on Friday, putting Nokia and other Windows phones more on a par with the iPhone.