600° nVidia GeForce GTX 680 Quad-SLI review Yesterday, nVidia introduced the GeForce GTX 680. One question we did not yet answer - what kind of performance can you expect when you combine two of these new cards? Or three? Or maybe even four?

That was not an easy question to answer. Getting our hands on two of these cards, much less four of them, on the day of the launch, was about as easy as making penguins fly. However, in the end we were able to track down enough of these cards to show you some results. Together with our own reference model, we were ready for some Quad-SLI GTX 680 action!

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TVippy2993d ago

Finally Metro and Crysis on max settings... 5 years later... on a hardware worth of $2000, LOL.

theeg2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

please, I maxed crysis in 2007-2008, and now, hell 1 gtx 560ti-580 and a piddly i7-920 with 6gb ram DESTROYS crysis, and metro 2033 in 1080p with just a few minor tweaks but 95% maxed, runs at a buttery 60-80 frames

1 gtx 680 with SHIT on anything you throw at it for the next few years, and mine will be almost free for me,

"hey best buy, this gtx 580 i bought keeps overheating"

"ohh, well sir the card you purchased has a lifetime warranty"

"ohhh, cool, give me that GTX 680 instead, I'll pay the $50 difference, I heard it doesnt have the heat issues"

lol....that song has been playing out since the 8800 series, i've had, 8800, 9800, 200, 400, 500

buy card with lifetime warranties from brick and mortar stores that ACTUALLY HONOR the warratny. sure it might cost $50 more upfront, but places like newegg and amazon with rake you through the coals and eventually just send you to the manufatur.

......or....if you are cheap.... you could just game like you are in a time bubble from 2004-2005 on ps3 or 360, jaggies everywhere, 20 frames per second in spots, screen tear, dirty sub-hd, 720p at best, some games 540p....


you could ride a bike to work too, it be cheaper, but if you got the money, treat yourself to a gaming pc, everything is better over here!

Perjoss2992d ago

"Finally Metro and Crysis on max settings... 5 years later... on a hardware worth of $2000, LOL."

You are extremely wrong.

TVippy2992d ago

LOL you guys, calm down.

Voxelman2992d ago

lol negative scaling, I don't think I would ever bother with SLI/XFIRE far to many problems.

steve30x2992d ago

Whenever I said that I got disgarees lol. I've had 2 x GTX470's in Sli and it was more trouble than its worth as well as too much heat and a lot more Eletctricty drawn.

TVippy2992d ago

So the verdict is SLI/Crossfire still ain't worth the hassle.