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Did NVIDIA Originally Intend to Call GTX 680 as GTX 670 Ti?

techPowerUp: Although it doesn't matter anymore, there are several bits of evidence supporting the theory that NVIDIA originally intended for its GK104-based performance graphics card to be named "GeForce GTX 670 Ti", before deciding to go with "GeForce GTX 680" towards the end. With the advent of 2012, we've had our industry sources refer to the part as "GTX 670 Ti".

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Blasphemy2403d ago

Rumors had that the GTX 680 was their mid range card but AMD didn't come to play ball so Nvidia just renamed it for the higher end. Wish Nvidia would have just stuck with their original cards because the price/performance would have been insane and would have demolished AMD.

dexus2403d ago

To bad that this does slowdown the progress and keeps the prices up.

hano2402d ago

I think that's BS.

If they released it as 670 ti and had another better card as 680 then they would have swept the rug from under AMD feet and gained a huge market lead.

Zerg2403d ago

The 680 is looking very awesome though. Loving the fracture physics.

GrumpyVeteran2403d ago

That's more of an improvement on PhysX rather than a new feature of the Kepler architecture.

Somebody2403d ago

If it true then...a mid range card that is on par with the best of its rival's high end cards? While the real killer card is still being develop somewhere?


Still rumours though..

ProjectVulcan2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

It is true. GK110 exists. It is the 6 BILLION transistor GPU, massive die 4.5 teraflop monster. Expect it within 6 months.

GK104 as the number suggests is the midrange card in the kepler architecture, it just so happened Nvidia realised it would match 7970.

Somebody2402d ago

I was planning to hold off from upgrading to the latest cards until I how the GTX6XX's presence affect the pricing for both side.

I'll guest I'll have to wait a little while longer to see the monkey wrench (the GK110) thrown into the mix.

I don't know why I'm kinda excited to see how this will turn out. An originally mid range nVidia card is able to threaten the next gen HD7970 while there's a big bad wolf just waiting to be unleashed.

It's like watching an upgraded F-15 fighter dog-fighting a thrust vector-capable Sukhoi Su-35 while an F-22 Raptor is stealthily, menacingly approaching with its pilot is muttering "SOON...."

Sorry for military plane analogy but it is how I see this year's graphic card battle. So exciting.