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Galaxy S3 What is our secret weapon? - Wireless charging mount

Ddaily - Samsung Electronics 'Galaxy S3' is equipped with a wireless charging technology. Even apart from the charger is charging the way. Galaxy S3 was applied to the rear case. A separate option for wireless charging smartphones in the industry, not to the underlying support is the first Samsung.

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cyberbob2406d ago

Few day back heard rumor of "Wireless Electricity Smartphone Charger is Coming Soon" and now that come true.Also heard that soon they will apply this technology on electric vehicles and, later, for use in implanted medical devices like heart pumps.

CynicalVision2406d ago

You know, I really don't see the point in this. Obviously you have to plug the charger itself into the wall so you're only saving a few seconds worth of effort by not having to plug it into the phone directly.

fatstarr2405d ago

I can say 4 points right now

1. New Industry standard SIII should sell like hot cakes
2. its easier to quick charge for 10 mins than finding a usb cable and all that stuff
3. it just an additional feature
4. its pretty cool

CynicalVision2405d ago

You're missed the point I made. It takes a few seconds to plug in your phone to charge, just because it's "cool" doesn't mean it's useful in anyway.

It's a needless accessory.

Speed-Racer2405d ago

I can point out one feature that is actually beneficial. Let's say you have your phone on a table and the cord is running across somewhere where you happen to accidentally swing your hand. Having the cable in the way means your phone is going to go flying and possibly get damaged on impact. If the phone is sitting in a wall mount charger, the chance is greatly reduced. Of course you will say that a smart person will secure their phone, but the world is full of stupid people as well, and what I described above has happened so many times. Even I have gotten caught in such a circumstance, sometimes cause I might be in a rush to put it to charge in the first place.

It reminds me of Macbook chargers that pull out if any reasonable tension is put on the cable.

It's a cool feature imo. It might not be a groundbreaking option, but it's something else that can be added to the marketing campaign.

fatstarr2405d ago

the more articles I read the more I cant wait for this phone. its been like a years worth of anticipation for me (check the comments lol) Phone E3 or something needs to come.