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Exhaustive Thor V2 Review: "Great Dust and Cable Control" - Gamers Nexus

Gamers Nexus: "Evolutions in PC gaming technology make staggering, industry-driving lunges forward with each passing year; somehow, though, enthusiasts continue to demand increasingly-more from hardware companies as time drones on, and luckily, they're listening.

There's an accompanying video review with this written review, for the lazy."

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hiredhelp2408d ago

Im a proud owner of a HAF X your wrong cable management s fine i have corsair hx1000 watt
Cables tidy out the way.
I put 2 , 2X 200mm fans on top with front 200mm and side 230mm i am dust free i pull out the tray dust filter under the psu give that a clean every now and then and also side fan has filter.

Lelldorianx2407d ago

My wrong?

If you listened carefully, you'll note that I said I have a high-end, non-modular PSU (this is because I bought it slightly before modular PSUs came down in price). That means my PSU has loads of cables that I don't actively use and I can't disconnect them, forcing me to find creative places to shove them in the case.

hiredhelp2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Then sir my bad i did listen but at the time i was in bed sound was very quet.
I noticed the psu you had there i thought had detachable modular cables.
Well as it is the case is jice looks like a NZXT style is this another nzxt model ..
Do you think them fans above will do enough as the very fancy pop up dragon style look flip top is only part way open.
Anyways other than that nice case good review water cooling as standard i see, is this SSD supported too..

@ below. Yes large cases such as these are wonderfull to work with If designed well as im sure Lelldorianx would agree.
Only thing is mine is soo bloody heavy it has its own caster wheels The plus side is having cases like these means its what i call future proof well pc world never furure proof case terms..But what i mean is all size motherboards and the longest video cards on market today it clear that easy still have room.

Plus if this is like some out there like my haf x you able to move in and out the HDD bay to give extra room. IF you should ever need it the fan controll is a nice touch too on this reviewed case i hope more cases make this as standard.

Software_Lover2408d ago

Man I like the look and size of this case. My two pc's are currently housed in.......

Bitfenix Survivor and
Sentey Arvina Red Edition.

I love both cases and both pc's that are in them........... but I really want this case, lol. Dont need it just want it.

Lelldorianx2407d ago

I know the feeling. I really like large cases - they're so much easier to work with, especially with big components.

They also tend to be slightly cooler, but that will depend more on other features than size.