Court Orders RapidShare to Filter User Uploads

TorrentFreak : A Higher Regional Court in Germany has ruled that file-hosting service RapidShare must proactively filter thousands of files uploaded by its users. The Court confirmed three separate verdicts by a lower court, in cases that were started by book publishers and a music rights group. RapidShare has yet to decide whether it will appeal the verdicts, and informs TorrentFreak that there’s also positive news to report.

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AgentWhite3794d ago

Would it be possible for the company to filter all the content , my opinion is: its a tough ask .

fatstarr3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Its already working, since the acta/sopa scare and the mega upload take down. tons of dl sites now filter content or give you some bs excuse when you try to dl stuff. its very annoying imo.

im sure they can filter it easily. anything over 100mb is most likely illegal 8times outta 10.

Speed-Racer3794d ago

Rapidshare is a failed service. Now that they have these crazy throttles, I've already switched to alternative lockers. Adding filtering on top of that isn't going to do them any good.

fatstarr3794d ago

they thought they could take over and make the rules but they couldnt. the service was ass to begin with even in the hay days they limited you to like 1 download a day.