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How To Hide Facebook Timeline In Chrome

TechFlashed : Its very usefull for those who are still not used to the timeline view and feel confused by the facebook timeline interface .

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Speed-Racer2410d ago

Eventually this would become useless though, so embrace change and take some time to learn about it rather than resist it.

AgentWhite2410d ago

There are million of user who still hate the timeline view , Funny thing is they say " Timeline view is confusing , they can now disable it . Ironically facebook cover images for profiles and now for pages has turned out to be one of the best features for facebook .

Speed-Racer2410d ago

I don't see what there is to hate. There is a two column system now, but no privacy settings have been changes and all the features remain the same otherwise. Even Pinterest has a Facebook like design, and ppl love that. Oh well.

AgentWhite2410d ago

Yes agreed timeline view is just awesome , but for non techies its somewhat difficult for them to adapt to this view . It depends on user to user . While its good to have option to switch from enabling and disabling the timeline view .

cyberbob2410d ago

I really liked the timeline feature and also know that their are some other guys who hate timeline feature.Its human nature and we can't forget this fact.

But this will really help those users who were non likers and want to get rid from Facebook timeline

gizmig2410d ago

Timeline view is amazing and there is no reason to hide it. I like the way we can manage our things in timeline view.