We Gave People an iPad 2, Told Them It Was the New iPad, and They Loved It

Apple's advertising onslaught is already battering down doors and TVs around the nation—you're gonna upgrade to a new iPad whether you like it or not. But based on our little test, most people can't tell the difference anyway.

NewMonday4447d ago

still on my Ipad1, don't have a reason to change to Ipad3 or any android tablet till this one breaks down.

the next big thing for me will be a W8 tablet/notebook hybrid

mcstorm4447d ago

i agree with you here. i have a xoom and dont see thebpoint in getting any other android tablet or a ipad but after using windows 8 on my laptop i do see a point in Upgrading my xoom to a windows 8 tablet. for apple and android to match windows 8 the need to change there tablet softwarefrom being amobile os to afull os like windows 8 as i will not need a desktop or laptop to carry out all my day to day tasks like i do with my android tablet

MmaFan-Qc4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

apple could put the iTurd on the market and some peoples would still get it like a bunch of irrational hipsters

in my case, i had the first ipad, gave it to my lil brother, skiped the ipad2 and then got the ipad3 yesterday, sure i can see the difference between the original and ipad3, but between 2&3 the changes are underwhelming, hell my ps vita screen do a better job than the "retina" of the ipad3.

im still happy with my new ipad, but peoples owning the first or second ipad shouldnt even think about replacing it with the ipad3

C_Menz4448d ago

Not surprised. The average person can't really notice the difference between the two unless they search the for the differences.

Speed-Racer4448d ago

Honestly I find this rather funny. If they did a street interview, that would have been fun as well. I see users complaining that Gizmodo is only trolling because they were banned from Apple events, but the fact of the matter is...going from an iPad 2 to an new iPad isn't cost effective, unless you find a way to sell your iPad 2 for close to its original cash value.

Soldierone4447d ago

Honestly If I had any access to an IPad I would go do this in a heartbeat and post it here un-edited. I'd wear a suit and everything to make it look "official" lol

Sadly I won't buy one and don't know anyone that will.

TheWolverine4448d ago

I have never even held an ipad. so id definitely fall for this gag.

TextualBeef4448d ago

LOL shows you how many people are just sheep nowadays

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sonicwrecks83d ago

I've fixed the images on some of these past submissions of yours. Please in the future make sure the image isn't broken on submission.( I always found it best to download/upload it to be honest. )