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7 Reasons Why the new iPad is Named Simply the New "iPad" With the unveiling of the new iPad last week comes a lot of questions, mostly about how much this updated device will change our lives and the technology game as we know it. But one question that a lot of people are asking is, “What’s up with the name?”

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Rageanitus2409d ago

because it is only resolutionary ;) and im sure the tablets coming out in the next couple months from the android front will be as high in resolution.

Waddy1012408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

You're just making up reasons that are utter Rubbish just to justify the bad naming of it.

Also i say this time and time again but Apple Fanboys will always use it, we are NOT in a Post-PC world.
Desktop PCs aren't going anywhere fast, they are powerful and versatile unlike the iPad.

Although i will say this, we are starting to move into a Post-(Low-end) Laptop world where people are looking into a tablet instead of a lower end laptop. That's IT. No killing PCs, no destroying desktops. Just a small change at the lower end of the PC and laptop market as a whole.

Strange_Evil2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Like it or not, we are already in the Post PC world as of now. In Q4 2011, Apple sold more iPad (aka Post PC devices) than any manufacturer sold Laptops. This year, with even Windows joining in the fray and Apple looking stronger than ever, the transition will be even more faster.

Post PC doesn't mean it kills off PC. It just means that a 'Huge' amount of your so called 'computation time' (the time you spend on your PC) will now be spent on these devices instead. Even iPhone's and your Android Smart phones are 'Post PC' devices since you can do nearly 90% of what you do on PC's on them. I don't have to pull up my PC/Laptop everytime I want to check out some article on the net, chk out FB, chk out a youtube video or play some games...

Like it or not, numbers speak for themselves. We are already in the transition phase and all companies acknowledge this. Why do you think even MS wants to jump into the wagon with Win 8 looking more and more like a tablet OS as opposed to a Desktop OS if even they didn't think that we are in a Post PC age? If it weren't so, then the latest Win 8 wouldn't Suck so much on my PC now would it? I rest my case.

Waddy1012408d ago

I advise you to go and look up what the prefix "post" actually means.

Post means after, as in Apple seem to think we are in a world after PCs which we aren't.

What Apple didn't fail to mention was that whilst they sold more iPads than each individual PC manufacturer is that there are a lot of PC manufacturers and relatively few tablet manufacturers, Apple being the top dog in that area.

I would like to see the sales of all the tablets in the world combined vs. the sales of all computers in the world combined and then we'll see.
I bet you a vast amount of money that traditional computers still outsold tablets overall.

Also you seem to misunderstand what im actually saying, im not saying that we aren't leaning towards Tablets etc. for web browsing, twitter, facebook and other things. It would be dumb of someone to think that /wasn't/ the case.
My comment is merely saying that whilst the lower end of the market is now moving onto tablets for general web browsing etc. it will not kill off PCs because no tablet currently has the versatility of a traditional Desktop PC in terms of power.

Strange_Evil2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Again I'll make myself clear... Apple NEVER said they will kill off PC's with the tablets. They merely said that we are entering a Post PC world where major computing happens on the go. I don't understand as to how you interpreted that as Apple saying it's the end of PC/Laptop.

Post PC is a term made famous by Apple at the launch of iPhone (watch the launch conference, iPad wasn't even around that time). POST PC is not only refereed to tablets, but it also counts in Smart Phone. Apple keeps on saying 'Post PC' cause it wanted to highlight the paradigm shift from Microsoft dominating the PC market to Apple dominating the 'Post PC' market (which it actually is). That is how the term was coined. Don't look at the literal definition of the term.

Also, put the sales of Apple iPhones and iPads just from Q4 2011. Those actually came nearly very close to ALL THE LAPTOPS SOLD during that quarter (40 million iPhones were sold + around 20 mil iPads). That is me not even counting Android devices. So 'Post PC' devices have already dominated over the PC market/Laptop market.

I understand your argument as well and PCs aren't going anywhere. Hell even Apple has it's own Laptop line which is doing pretty well. All I am saying is that
PC isn't the center of all your media/work. It's your phone and very soon to be tablets. That is why all companies like Apple, Google and now even MS with it's Metro UI want a piece of the Pie. It's the biggest market out there and so far Apple is the only player dominating.

I also understand that iPad at this point of time isn't a true 'Laptop replacement'. But with Apple tuning Mac OSX more and more like iOS, it's only a matter of time when both of them merge. Win 8 already is on that path. Like it or not, 90% of my tasks are done on an iPad. I only open my Laptop at work for programming (as I said earlier) and for playing games. Hell even my iPad has Onlive which I connect to the TV and play console quality games. Anyways, this is my last bubble, so it's a long post... Cya.

hsinray2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Next year, this new iPad will become the "old iPad!"

Strange_Evil2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

You don't go to an Apple store and say 'Hey I'd like a Macbook Air 5'. It's the same analogy here. Same was the case with iPods. People just start to refer them in terms of generations... So next year, when the 'newer' iPad is released, people would just go and say 'hey can I get a 3rd gen iPad' or the 'cheaper' iPad.

Speed-Racer2408d ago

Would get confusing after a while though. Let's say you're selling them would I know what version of the iPad a person is selling unless they mention it's a 2nd or 3rd gen iPad?

somekindofmike2408d ago

Yay! I thought I was the only person who realised this. I don't own a MacBook pro 17. I own a MacBook pro. If I need to differentiate it when selling. I tell the buyer the specs, version number or date of release, in my MacBook pro case (mid2010)