So Sirious: iPhone User Sues Apple over Voice-Activated Assistant

WSJ: Siri, the iPhone 4S’s deadpan voice-activated assistant, is imperfect. She’s stumped easily. Her command of English is only so so. In the U.K., she’s a man. But is Siri a fraud?

A New York man represented by Robbins Geller is suing Apple for false advertising, alleging that the company’s commercials convey a “misleading and deceptive message” about Siri’s capabilities.

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caseh2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I was watching an advert for Siri earlier as it goes, the guy says something and i'm sat there thinking 'sorry wtf did you just say?' If I barely made out what was being said, considering i'm human and can interpret many different dialects or accents what chance has a $400 dollar piece of Apple sauce got?

The people who rushed out to buy an Apple phone for Siri expecting it to be just like the adverts should have a court injunction slapped on them for being so f*cking stupid.

Captain Qwark 92408d ago

i actually disagree. granted i knew better but im into tech and what not. other people aren't. now i do believe you should educate yourself a little esp before buying an expensive electronic but if they are using the hardware in the commercial the same way you expect to use it, then when you get it, it doesn't actually perform that way when you get it, you have every right to be upset. to the average consumer, the commercial greatly exaggerates siris capabilities.

caseh2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Their advertising is no different to a Loreal product claiming it makes you look younger.

Difference being that people who buy Apple products tend to be in the elitist mindset of 'everything they do is the best' Fact is it isn't, they introduce a technology that gets superseded by most of the competition within weeks of release.

Technlogy wise, the 4S was out spec'd in every department by several Android devices before it was even released. If the determining factor for purchase was based solely on seeing adverts of people asking their phone a question or the camera removing 'red eye' artifacts I simply have no sympathy for them at all.

jeeves862408d ago

A really significant way that advertisers get around this is by the small print in the corner of the screen. It'll say something like "simulated screens," or "process sped up." Something like that. It's how they acknowledge that they know their product won't work like it's being advertised.

CynicalVision2408d ago

The American way of life...sue everyone

SilentNegotiator2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

He didn't choke on a banana peel he found on the street and sue Chiquita. He feels like a product was advertised massively that was deceptive in its function, causing him to buy it under false pretenses.

fatstarr2405d ago

lol that has apple written all over it.

C_Menz2408d ago

Yet another person suing a company for an idiotic reason. Advertisements and commercials always show the best of a product or convey it in the absolutely best situations. It is nothing new and suing over it is pretty dumb.

SilentNegotiator2408d ago

If a company spends millions of dollars marketing a feature deceptively, a person should have the right to seek considerable restitution for having their time and money wasted.

C_Menz2408d ago

They aren't being as deceptive as some companies are, and overall their commercials aren't doing anything completely made up.

tarbis2408d ago

Use Vangie instead. She's far better than Siri.

tiffac0082408d ago

But Simsimi is funnier. lol!

tarbis2408d ago

Yes, that too. You can even teach Simsimi what to say.