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Android Tablets Will Overtake iPad by 2015, IDC Says

PC World - Apple's iPad may be a blockbuster hit, but its success won't stop Android-based slates from leading the market within three years, according to a new IDC study.

While Apple dominates the tablet market today, the iPad's share of the worldwide market is declining as lower-priced competitors like the Amazon Kindle Fire arrive.

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cyberbob2412d ago

Even i'm agreed with this quote and iOS is good but android is awesome.Some other reasons

1.Cost matter a lots.
2.Shipping android tablet are easily available as compare to ipad.

And if we look over stats of iOs smartphone and Android smartphone previous quater then android leads from iOS badly.

C_Menz2411d ago

How do these people see that far ahead?

Many new releases for both Apple and Google will happen between now and then. Also Windows 8 will be entering the market later this year.

To many variables to make a good estimation.