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MPAA hunting down HotFile

What's Hawt: With MegaUpload out of the picture, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is hot on the heels of yet another file locker, this time with Hotfile as their target.

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Speed-Racer2417d ago

Guess the file lockers need to move to Russia or China's not safe to host in the US.

C_Menz2416d ago

Basically what is happening. Eventually even there wont be safe in a way since the US is pushing to have control over blocking outside the US websites if they want.

Speed-Racer2416d ago

I saw in another post that the feds are going full force after Pirate Bay now. God the Internet is coming to an end. The sad thing is if the courts set some kind of precedence, it would be hard for other pop up public torrenting services to survive.

koouunn2415d ago

you cant shut down pirate bay. you can download it for 90 mb off some site, and it is only magnet links. so they have no user data and they cant do anything to them. If it goes down, someone will open it up again

Speed-Racer2415d ago

Ya that's what I mentioned just above to C_Menz... If they set some form of precedence for public torrenting sites, then anyone who decides to open a new site would face the same problems TPB did. The only people to survive would be private torrent sites.

tachy0n2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

if they take down thepiratebay... the governments would unleash the force of anonymous and all other hacking groups.... bring it on!!! we the people will not allow the internet to be censored!! SAY NO TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! support anonymous!!

Soldierone2416d ago

Wow....if this gets shut down too, I would take ALL our business over see's. Anyone with file sharing AT ALL should remove AlL servers here, and then blame the government for all the lost jobs. Why? This is nothing more than corporate greed winning out.

"90 percent of users participate in pirating" You said that about MegaUpload, yet I never did. no one at my school did (we used it to share our own videos for projects as we are film students) and I highly doubt all the PR's sending our website information on it ever did....

I wonder if we can hunt down them and sue them for making bad movies? I mean isn't re shooting Hangover 1 and calling it part 2 illegal? It's a bit misleading to say a movie will be good, then it turns out to suck. here is a thought, make better movies = better sales, who would of guessed.

leetlegit2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Seems like even though SOPA and PIPA failed. Internet censorship is still moving full force regardless.

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