What Is Temporal Noise Reduction?

Gizmodo : One of the new iPad's video features—along with 1080p recording and video stabilization—is temporal noise reduction. Apple claims it will improve the quality of footage in low-light conditions. OK, but what the hell is it?

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Kwertie2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Are they seriously trying to pass this off as a new feature? FFDShow has had this forever. Basically it averages pixels from the current, previous and future frames to reduce the spotty kind of noise you get. Sometimes it works, sometimes it looks awful.

If you are watching 1080p movies, you don't need this as the quality will be good, even for a poor rip. I expect the reason they have this software feature is because the camera is such low quality

fatstarr2412d ago

its just a selling feature to the clueless apple users that know nothing.

selling steak on a menu with superior meat juice saturation powers.