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Apple has announced the new iPad

What's Hawt: Apple has announced the new iPad, which will feature upgrades such as Retina Display and the much desired 4G network capabilities.

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cyberbob3987d ago

Is that ipad mini or some other name is coming

Speed-Racer3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Edit - Not sure yet... Apple has still to announce it some time soon. They are calling it the new iPad for now.

cyberbob3987d ago

Some site saying that its iPad HD and some saying its New iPad..what you think about that

C_Menz3987d ago

Just websites speculating the name, nothing more.

Crazay3987d ago


Oh YAY!!! We have a higher resolution screen a mic and camera. We still have the same anemic storage capacities and we're still overpriced but we know you iDumbasses will just eat it up if we make a big spectacle of it.

Oh ya, Nice claim by them to say that hard core gamers prefer to use their ipad for gaming over current consoles.. Wonder where they got that idea from.

Speed-Racer3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I think this was a very over-hyped event. At least the last iPhone has significant improvements over the last one, but this one was very bland. This is very disappointing on Apple's part.

(and the Apple army pours in with disagrees, not like I expected otherwise)

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C_Menz3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Anything Apple related will be over-hyped. The 12-26 age market is dominated by Apple and these are typically the people buzzing about this stuff on the internet creating hype.

Hell, just the other day my "awesome movie maker(but he hasn't made one movie yet)" friend tweeted a picture of the only student in his acting class with a Windows laptop. He said everyone was laughing and making fun of them because they didnt have a Macbook or iPad!!!! That's how it is now sadly.

mcstorm3987d ago

You just know hat apple are now going to do with each new device and tbh ios is getting old and it now needs a face lift. I think all the i devices are starting to come to an end now with android and windows mobile in the phone marlet and android and windows 8 in the tablet market apple i devices will only be around as the big boys for the next 3 years as both ms and google devices offer more for there money and with devices like the galaxy tab and Nokia Lumia apple have not got the cool looking device any more.

I maybe wrong but more or less everyone i know who has an ipad or iphone are going to upgrade to a android or windows device when they are due an upgrade next because they are bored with the iphone and pad designs and software as they have not changed since the ipod touch came out.

ngecenk3986d ago

most people tend to forget the new quad core gpu. thats officially better than ps vita (gnu-wise, and by number not benchmark). for me thats a huge selling point. i can't wait to see how game industry reacts to this.

fatstarr3986d ago


the gaming industry wont do anything. a high majority of gamers consider tablet and phone gaming to be a fad and a joke. that will eventually ruin the games industry and kill quality studios. that 2.99$ shovel-ware game will be the death of video games.

Jihaad_cpt3986d ago


No proof of the GPU being better than the PS Vita? The PS Vita has a both Quad core CPU and GPU. Not to mention the GPU is customised for the PS Vita. Also The iPad has a Dual Core CPU...

BubloZX3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

So they make a overpriced device weaker then the vita. Lol the A5x is still a dual core, vita has a quad core. And I'm betting its gpu isnt on par with the vitas quad core gpu either. It'll probably have more ram though. And its cameras are better. Its also 4g which is awesome! But for gaming vita still trumps it.

Jihaad_cpt3986d ago


No its not better in anyway to the PS Vita CPU/GPU, if anything the GPU is the same (best case scenario for the iPad) and the CPU is weaker than that of the PS Vita

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xVeZx3987d ago

i feel like im forced to buy the ipad because i bought so many apps in the itunes store that i wont be able to use with the other tablets

Raf1k13987d ago

If that's the only issue then you'd be better off just sticking with the one you have. Buying the new one will not improve the experience you're already able to get with the current product.

C_Menz3987d ago

That's how to keep you locked into their products(both Apple and Google do this). No one is forcing you to get a tablet though, if you have an iphone already just stick with that.

Cablephish3987d ago

In other words, "omg I gotta have this device, or else everyone else with the new iPad will be better than me! I just gotta fork out money for this device!"

You aren't forced to buy anything, it's because you want it.

firefoxprime3987d ago

It just blows me away how weak minded ppl are. Remember when the ipod nano added a video player to the nano???

The masses came screaming to apple stores. so so sad...

Fel083987d ago

I'm definitely upgrading. I was sold on the Retina Display alone.

kingliam33987d ago ShowReplies(2)
C_Menz3987d ago

Kind of surprised that those are the only upgrades.... I thought they would have did a bit more, oh well. I guess Apple is saving up for their usual late summer/fall announcement to hype up consumers for the holidays.

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