Engadget - Yitoa M9704 9.7-inch ICS tablet has a keyboard that doubles as a case, we go hands-on

Engadget - Hall 17 at CeBIT in Hannover could just as well be downtown Shenzhen. Step inside its cavernous walls, and the air lights up with the sound of chirpy pop music, and excited sales chatter. But once you tune out the aural assault and look past the swathe of Gingerbread MIDs, you might just find yourself a catch. This M9704 9.7-inch, Android 4.0 slate from Yitoa is one such get. Okay, so it won't be winning any awards for original design, but with a 1.2GHz Cortex A8 processor and 1GB of RAM -- all for $120 -- we were certainly curious to know more.

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