Sony Unveils Its Latest Blue PSP 3000 in Japan?

TheGamersHub - Earlier last week Sony announced the PlayStation Vita’s promising sales figures which steadily rose over 1.2 million units sold since the devices’ release date. But, even with the Vita’s “stable” sales and generally positive reviews it seems Sony has momentarily curved its attention to another widely popular device, the PSP.

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fatstarr4035d ago

it would be a little bit too late. psp will be obsolete b4 2013

Ulf4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

"psp will be obsolete b4 2013"

You realize that the PSP offers roughly the same performance as the 3DS, and has a much larger catalog of titles that utilize that performance, right? I sincerely doubt the PSP will be out of production by 2015, let alone 2013.

$99 PSPs are just the thing to introduce young gamers to bigger systems like the PSVita, down the road. If Sony was bright enough to remodel the outer casing of future PSP models into a clamshell design (that parents would feel safe with handing to their kids), the 3DS might be in for a rough ride.

Ulf4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I like it. I wish they brought these cool colored PSPs to the US.