Skip YouTube Video Ads Quickly Without Waiting

TechFlashed : YouTube The most familiar site on internet , millions of users visit Youtube and watch desired videos, But now a days Ads are displayed just before the video start streaming , Which not only waste the valuable time of user and also annoys the user as it is a kind of blockage between the video and the user .

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Strongfist363862d ago

As a content publisher I wouldn't want to take away the earnings of others.

AgentWhite3862d ago

Youtube has many more ways to earn . it depend upon the user if he really want to see the ads or not . In my opinion most users would not like to see these ads just before the streaming of desired video . I still appreciate your opinion .

C_Menz3862d ago

You are correct. And these ads aren't even that long either, I don't see a big deal in waiting 20-30s for the service they provide you.

Only thing I wish Youtube would do is let me monetize my video game videos ;)

xVeZx3862d ago

for people partnered with like machinima the ads dont matter its the views that matter

SilentNegotiator3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I mute ads and watch another video or something while it runs its course, anyway.

Allowing me to skip ads would result in the exact same thing; me, watching no ads.

Besides, there are ads on the side, the top, people pay to have their videos featured, etc, etc. People skipping a few video ads on Youtube will not exactly bankrupt anyone.

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AgentWhite3862d ago

sometimes it becomes hindrance while watching some tutorials back to back , yes i agree when watching any random video its not a big deal to wait for 20-30 sec .

Speed-Racer3862d ago

IMO YouTube could have their ads, but have a skip button. At the end of the day, the user has control over what he browses. But then again it could be argued that you are using their service for free.

AgentWhite3862d ago

Having a "skip this ad " button at the top is always handy . At least user has the freedom to skip or to see if he likes to .

fatstarr3862d ago

a clever saying

if the barn is free and the food is free you are the product being marketed.

fatstarr3862d ago

I give it a month before Google blocks scripts like this from activating.

it starts as an article then it becomes a cleverly titled JPG how to. then it goes on tumblr
then to fb and shared 8,000 times.

Dasteru3861d ago

Not going to happen. I have been using Ad-block on Firefox for several years now and it does the same thing. Everyone who uses Firefox knows about it and it is still around.

fatstarr3861d ago

Im saying it like this in the example of hulu

there was an exploit where you could download videos
they fixed it instantly.
if it becomes a problem for google loosing profit from videos then they will fix it so that ads get displayed no matter what.

hazelamy3862d ago

i don't mind the ads personally, many of them can be skipped after a few seconds now, and sometimes i even watch them through because they're funny or something.

if ads are the price of youtube being free, then i can live with them.

i'm not a fan of the fact they're running adverts for scientology lately though.

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