Windows 8 Consumer Test Results

IBTimes HK writes,

Microsoft finally previewed its new operating system for media and analysts on Wednesday in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress trade show. Microsoft had released Windows 8 for developer previews since last year but this is the first time average users will get the chance to play around with the new software before its commercial release in a few months time. Interested users can download the preview at Microsoft's website.

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AgentWhite3926d ago

windows 8 would be the generational change or a beginning of a new era of OS . Wooww Sounds good !

fatstarr3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

I hope they give us options to keep windows in a pure environment with out of that extra nonsense. IMO its just marketed to the new breed of casual apple influenced tablet junkies. I personally could care less about that. but you gotta do what you gotta do to stay in the game ... i guess

I like it but its just not for me right now.

Long live windows 7 may your older brother xp guide you in the ways of os longevity.

mcstorm3926d ago

So far in very impressed with Windows 8. I have installed it on my work laptop that is only a centrino with 3GB of ram and so far I have not found any problems with the programs I use from day to day.

I work in IT support so all the remote tools, HelpDesk software, Websites ect have not had any problems at all. The OS is very fast which I did not expect for a Beta.

I am using a none touch laptop for my test and even though MS have changed how the main part of the OS works once you figger out the basics like what the different corners of the screens do and place you apps in groups on the start screen I am finding it very easy to use and I would say it was a lot of a cleaner OS then any of them on the market too.

The one thing I have read a lot of is people are complaing that the OS jumps form metro to Aero but MS have had to do this so the OS will be backwards with all Windows 7 and XP software packages as there is a lot of old software that business use and if Microsoft did not put this in we would have the Vista XP problem again where a lot of old software will not work on the new OS so people will not buy the OS.

The biggest thing I like about this OS is its cloud syncing as I logged into another laptop in my office and it brought through all my settings from my laptop like my IE favorites Areo theme ect.

Im not going to be a big app store user on my laptop as I use it for work but I think once windows 8 tablets start to come out later on this year I will look to replace my Xoom with a Windows 8 tablet and I think I will then use the App store a lot epically if the port the Windows Phone 7 app store into it.

I know people are also saying MS are thinking a big gamble with this OS but I think this is what MS need to do to change there image of being a Business company to being a everyone company. I also think that after the 1st 12 months of Windows 8 being out on tablets it will kill off Android and Apple tablets if they don't develop them into fully working OS systems as the biggest problem with them they are limited where Windows 8 is not limited as it is a full OS.

Im looking forward to see what MS do with Windows 8 over the next 12 months so far because over the last few years MS have stepped up there game and started bringing out some quality products that work. (Windows 7, Office 10, SBS2011, Exchange 11, SharePoint 10, Windows Phone 7, Kinect and more)

fatstarr3925d ago

my only problem is that there isnt a correct set of drivers for any of my rigs atm. but I like your indepth take on it.

If they screw up witn windows 8 and the business world its going to be a problem.

mcstorm3925d ago

No problem but im surprised that it cant find the drivers as it uses the windows 7 drivers so if you have windows 7 it should work but i could be wrong. I agree with you here ms main money spinner os business and this has to be there main focus but I think they will take a big chunk of the ipads market with windows 8 because there will be cheap tablets out there to pickup for people who want a tablet as well as it being a tablet that has no limits to what it can do as it is a full os system.

fatstarr3924d ago

yea On my first rig which is a Frankenstein desktop salvaged from work with some weird parts. the drivers work fine, cant get nvidia driver software to install but everything else works well.

next is a laptop from the vista days Im gonna put the consumer vers of 7 on it, but as is the drivers dont work. everything is default. the resolution is stuck at 600x800 and it doesnt change its very weird.

microsoft can win the tablet war with 1 move. 99$ windows 8 tablet. I would buy 2

mcstorm3924d ago

I agree with the £99 tablet. If someone makes this and they have it in every shop I see it wiping uhe floor with the Ipad.

fatstarr3924d ago

Its a shame nobody has the balls to do it. Maybe if raspberry Pi continues to become a success someone will modify it to become some sort of tablet.