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Sony shows off stylish new Xperia P and U

Cnet : Sony expanded its Xperia smartphone line up with Xperia P and Xeria U handsets.

Sony just unveiled two new Android handsets to complement its Xperia smartphone line. Called the Xperia P and Xperia U, both phones run dual-core CPUs

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AgentWhite3562d ago

Sony New Xperia A good news But Samsung has achieved so much in android can Sony match their performance .

DG903562d ago

Thing that will stop Sony making a big splash in the mobile market is purely price.

Anarki3562d ago

If sony were to sort their pricing out they would be top again.

DG903562d ago

That's whats bringing Sony down.. the pricing is nowhere near anyone else's half the time. Their products are most of the time better then the competitors bring the prices down & Sony will be top dog again.

Agent_hitman3562d ago

The only problem with sony handsets is they aretoo overpriced

Nodoze3562d ago

I guess we are to see nothing but iphone clones from here on out.

Sony sooo wants to be Apple. God help them when Apple releases a TV.

DG903562d ago

Are you saying these new Xperia phones are Iphone clones?

Neko_Mega3561d ago

Wow, you really think Apple will do good with tv's? They already lost to Samsung in tablets.

mixelon3561d ago

Except in terms of software support, sales and hardware review scores? And the iPad 3 is due early march.

If Apple do TVs I'm sure they'll be good, if weird. I'll stick with Sony displays (lots of inputs etc) but (modern) apple don't enter markets they can't compete in.

kevnb3562d ago

so many phones are coming out this year, I think these get lost in the shuffle unless they are dirt cheap.

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The story is too old to be commented.