Twitter Co-Founder Warns Users Not to Tweet Too Much

IBTimes writes,

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced that using the social network too much is "unhealthy," a day after the site celebrated smashing the 500 million user mark.

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AgentWhite3259d ago

Twitter is a sensation among millions you cant stop users to tweet , restriction is must as followers get irritated with flooding of tweets .

AgentWhite3259d ago

no one knows how much this warning will affect the user . but i know millions of user might not be aware of this warning !

SKUD3258d ago

Release a cancer application and then complain when the cancer spreads?. WUUUUUUUUUUUUT?.

Baka-akaB3258d ago

they just released a text msging app , people being morons about it and tweeting even when taking a dump is their own doing .

AgentWhite3258d ago

I want to know how many tweets go vain ? The number would be large .

fatstarr3256d ago

lol the 20k people that are the power users on the site that generate 80million tweets a day = the profit makers for the site that bring in the crowd. with out their interesting tweets not that many would visit the site.