Top Ten Android Apps Of 2011

Knowzzle: Take a look at some of the best rated Android apps of 2011.

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wjbjnr3941d ago

Nice collection. I have an Android Smartphone for two months now and was looking for an app which could clip parts of a song which could be used a ringtone.

You pointed out that app called "Ringdroid". Nice work man!!.

cyberbob3941d ago

their are lots of applications even im using some in my galaxy ace...even i have article on this theme....but sharing the link here is not a good idea

C_Menz3941d ago

Ringdroid seems pretty nice and something I would use. Other than that haven't really tried any of them besides Google translate(but then again I have an iPhone)

DeadManMcCarthy3941d ago

I'm new to having smart phones but I heard you can get a free texting APP? Can someone aware me if you need to have a wifi or data connection to use it?

KingPin3941d ago

well theres kik messenger and whatsapp. the latter being the more popular one.

you do need a data connection but a data plan from your service provider would be advantageous.

DeadManMcCarthy3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

@ Bil

Yeah that's the one thanks buddy.


Oh ok thanks man, I haven't got a data connection but I do have a wireless router which I can use WI-FI on for the time being. I will probably get a data plan though.

I have heard of WhatsApp, and that it gives a year free trial so that's not bad.

Cheers guys.

wjbjnr3941d ago

whatsup its free dude. there is no time limit. and there are tools from which you can make free calls like with tool called viber. the only thing required other than an internet connection is that ether other person should also have these apps.

dilawer3941d ago

nice collection but you should've put "SoundHound" instead of shazam. Well, is one of the best apps out there. so once again nice work on the list.

caseh3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

On that note 'MP3 Ringtone' is far better than RingDroid.

It allows you to search a database of music, preview the track and then download it if you want it. Also has an editor so downloaded tracks can be cut and saved as ringtones.

dilawer3941d ago

if that's the case Pixlromatic or Picsay are much better and easy to use than Photoshop.

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