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Sony PlayStation Vita Review: Full-Power Gaming, Portable Package

Dan Nosowitz of PopSci:

"Okay, so: The obvious question here, in 2012, is "Is there any reason to buy a dedicated portable gaming system when I already have a smartphone?" And Dan will say yes. Dan is not a hardcore gamer, and he found the Vita to be not just the most powerful handheld console ever made, but also an awful lot of fun.


How to preorder Sony's PSVR 2 before scalpers get them all

Sony's preorder routine is slightly different this time around.

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CES 2023 cars recap: BMW i Vision, Afeela, Ram 1500 Revolution and more

With BMW, Sony Honda and Ram revealing EV plans, cars dominated CES 2023

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Sony has sold out around 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles

According to a recent statement by Sony, it has sold out around 25 million PlayStation 5 consoles.

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