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Examiner: Last Minute Gadget Valentine's Day Gifts

Examiner: So it's Feb. 13, and you still haven't picked up a gift for your significant other, who happens to be into consumer electronics for Valentine's Day.

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BeastOrange4450d ago

I bought my wife the Kindle Fire and it is a great gift. Touchy on the full web use, lots of zooming and pinching, and scary easy to download and run a bill. Not for irresponsible or impulse buyers, but overall it is great

Ramon3MR4449d ago

Definitely a nice midpoint between a simple e-reader and a tablet.


You can now turn your Fire tablet into an Echo device with Show Mode

If you own an Amazon Fire tablet (we know you’re out there), we have some news for you. The company recently introduced the Show Mode Charging Dock for select Fire tablets. With it, you can turn your device into something closer to an Echo Show. For us that have a random Fire tablet lying around, this is a great update to give it more functionality.

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Amazon Coins arrive for Kindle Fire users

CNET: The e-commerce giant marks the launch by disbursing 500 free Amazon Coins -- which buys as much as does a $5 bill -- into the Amazon accounts of existing and new Kindle Fire customers in the U.S.

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Sony may be working on a 6.44-inch Nexus 7 competitor

Geek: After an image was uploaded to a Chinese forum site, rumors are swirling that Sony may be working on a 6.44-inch phablet to take on devices like the Galaxy Note and Huawei’s new 6-inch Ascend Mate. But at a half inch larger than the Huawei and just a half inch short of the Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 7, and Kindle Fire, it’s quite possible Sony isn’t building this device to get in on the phablet action.

fatstarr4107d ago

why would they set themselves up for this...

Nexus pretty much locked that tablet sizing option down and then sony is in critical condition ...