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Amazon ad pokes fun at cost of Apple's iPad

Digital Trends - A new ad from online giant Amazon highlights the cost of Apple's popular tablet, pointing out that you can get three Kindles for less than the price of a single iPad.

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-Mezzo-3886d ago

LMAO -- But i don't that this is the first time that Amazon has done this. I remember seeing a similar Fun Poking Ad back when "Kindle Fire" was just days away from it's release.

Kon3885d ago

Using Tablets at the pool. How classy.

PaPa-Slam3885d ago

What's wrong with that, i do that all the time.

C_Menz3885d ago

I've seen this a few times on TV and always come off impressed by the commercial. It is a really good idea by Amazon to do this and to gets it's name more our there..

On vacation while traveling I see about an equal number of ipads to kindle/kindle fires int he airport/airplane. On the beach however the Kindles dominate by far, about 75% of the "parents" have at least one while others mainly have iphones.. Only have seen one ipad so far on the beach.

Fel083885d ago

Amazon is feeling pressed

-Mezzo-3885d ago

I don't know how "Amazon" is feeling pressed, "Kindle Fire" has been the only tablet that have posed a serious threat to "Apple's iPad".

According to the last sales report, Amazon has sold over 6 Million "Kindle Fire's" by the end on 2011.

C_Menz3885d ago

Quite the opposite. Amazon is becoming the next Google/Apple if they haven't already. They aren't just an online store anymore and are branching out into new markets and creating their own little network for their Prime users.

ChiVoLok03885d ago

If someone can beat Apple it's Amazon

Don't f*** with Amazon, they will come to your house at night.

PaPa-Slam3885d ago

This isn't the first time that a Company has made fun of their Competition & it certainly won't be the last.

doctorstrange3884d ago

Probably the first time a retailer made fun of one of his suppliers

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