Plastic-Eating Fungus discovered, possible use in landfills

What's Hawt: "Researchers at Yale University have discovered a fungus that is capable of eating polyurethane plastics."

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C_Menz3945d ago

Will be great if this pans out to be useful. Although I wonder what the fungus breaks plastic down into? Isn't plastic derived from oil...

Either way it would benefit just about every community. Take for example where im at currently(St. Thomas) which is an island. The landfill here you see when you drive past it is about 1/3 the size of the central mountain on the island and is gigantic. At first when you see it, it just looks like a barren mountain until you realize what it really is. You would think that a lot of the garbage in it is plastic that will hardly breakdown over decades.

Speed-Racer3945d ago

Oh you're from the Caribbean as well huh. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago.

C_Menz3945d ago

I've been here on vacation for the past month. Come here every year pretty much. We were actually looking into going to Tobago at some point since it looks like it would fit our speed. I might move down here as well since I would already have a place to stay at with a family friend.

One of the reasons I had limited internet for the past few weeks :/


Oh is there a vaccine for me?

Speed-Racer3945d ago

Definitely good news if they could use this to destroy plastic waste.

BeastOrange3945d ago

Wonder how they could use this to possibly develop some organism to break down radio active material,,,like in Japan

C_Menz3945d ago

There are already several types of organisms already found to do this. Some help cause the waste to breakdown sooner over long periods of time while others are a bit more "aggressive".

BeastOrange3945d ago

Really? I havent heard of of any but that is great if they do. Can you PM a link if you have one handy. The bad part I think is there is no way to convert radioactivity,,if an organism eats it then it becomes radioactive, but possibly easier to clean up.

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