NVIDIA Hints Quad-Core phones to Debut at MWC

AppSplit: "NVIDIA has sent out invites for their press conference at MWC. The invite doesn’t have any specific detail but it clearly shows that there will be Quad-Core awesomeness at the MWC. There will be plenty of Tegra 3 based phones at MWC."

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C_Menz3886d ago

Sounds nice... But do we really need quad core phones right now? Just sounds like it is a bit unnecessary at this time.

Sobari3885d ago

Especially well-optimized single-core smartphones handle everything that people typically use smartphones for with ease. Just go look at the various Windows Phone handsets.

SKUD3885d ago

Battery tech needs to improve dramatically. As it stands now. Its decent at best. Even with mid use they cant last a full 36 hours.

C_Menz3885d ago

One problem is most are going smaller, thinner, and sleeker. Thus the need for smaller batteries that won't hold as much even with improvements in battery tech itself.

For my trips I actually carry two detachable battery packs for my iphone since I only lasts a few hours under full use and the iphone generally has a good battery compared to other smartphones.