Google will pay you to give up your online privacy

Technology Mob: "With Google eager to learn all it can about its users it has launched a new scheme named Screenwise. Users are rewarded every 3 months with a $5 Amazon gift card (up to a maximum of $25)."

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C_Menz3887d ago


I think that some people will actually do this, although it does seem like such a small amount for the potential 'worth' of your information that they can sell. Websites already collect your information in a way, but I never heard of one reaching out openenly to collect it.

Sillyace923887d ago

I don't see it as a big deal, if you're giving consent for them to do it then I think it's fine, but on the other hand if they do it without your permission than it's a problem. I think I'm gonna do it, I've got nothing to hide, free money.

C_Menz3886d ago

For me it isn't worth the potential downside for that kind of money.

Sillyace923886d ago

Yeah I understand where you're saying, but for me it's not a big deal, and as far as I can tell this will only be installed onto the browser which you choose, so I guess I could just go to firefox if I wanted to do anything I didn't want them to see, and I say again, I have nothing to hide.

BeastOrange3887d ago

My information is worth more than 25 bucks over 9 months.

jdklaffke3887d ago

wouldn't it be 15 months?

Blasphemy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Your getting paid by them to do what they already do anyway nice.

ThatHappyGamer3887d ago

what if I sign up and watch only porn 24*7

C_Menz3886d ago

Then potentially if you go to apply for a job in the future or looked into for some reason they would see that you sit at home and watch porn all day... Not exactly the best thing, especially if you have fetishes!

Sillyace923886d ago

Unless he's applying for something in the porn industry, c'mon C_Menz!

C_Menz3886d ago

Haha well you got me there, even though this is my name shortened ;), if that's the case for him then it would probably help! Otherwise you would be out of a job.

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The story is too old to be commented.