Do users really care whether the web is open or not?

Gigaom: As Facebook draws close to the billion-user mark and a $100-billion market valuation, the giant social network’s dominance has reignited old fears about the decline and fall of the open web. John Battelle argues that we need a manifesto for the truly open Internet in order to rally the troops, but blogging veteran Robert Scoble says it is too late and he has already given up the fight. And longtime technology watcher and investor Esther Dyson says we need to remember that the Internet is prone to cycles of open vs. closed. In the end, the only thing that determines whether a closed model succeeds is the willingness of users to put up with its restrictions. For Facebook, that is both its biggest strength and its biggest weakness.

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C_Menz3274d ago

Nice article, personally I would hate to see the web start to scone more closed off and strict. While I do use some Apple products and notice the somewhat 'gated' approach it has which I do not like it hasn't gone far enough to be a huge downside which is one of the reasons I built a new pc recently even though I have an iMac.

For example no flash on IPhones for stupid reasons becomes annoying and the increasing threat of potential Internet killing bills like SOPA.