How extreme do you need your PC?

ExtremeTech: A wonderful thing about computers, like cars, is that there’s one out there for everyone. But in recent weeks I’ve been particularly sensitive to a trend I truly don’t understand: Computers, or cases for them, that don’t seem to be designed with their users in mind. This is because they too flagrantly skirt certain extremes, when both the systems — and their intended purchasers — would seem to be better off sticking closer to the middle of the road.

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C_Menz3887d ago

Title should have mentioned the article is mainly about computer cases and not PCs themselves. Personally I like a big case since the airflow is better, I went with a Bitfenix Survivor for my recent build.

It was a little costly and does have an annoying "heat pocket" right under my two gpus but overall it is great. Tons of room(2 gpus, and tons of fans I fit in mine) and it is awesome at night with the glow from the top/back.

If anyone is getting into building their own PC just remember that if you splurge for a good large case at the beginning you will not need a new one when you decide to upgrade.

hiredhelp3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Your right one the best ways to help future proof your pc is buying the right case, we all know the one thing that can be a pain for cases is new video cards will it Fit ? do i need to remove hdd bay can i remove hdd bay. Of course when buying any case thats my second thought my first thought is cooling you can never have enough fans and well placed fans can make all the diffeence.
I love my haf x case mearly cos of the cooling soo huge too so upcommig video cards will not Be a concern anytime soon.
That case has already seen 2 builds inside it.

BeastOrange3887d ago

Well said C_Menz I am in the market to piece together a beast of my own and the case is important to the build.