People Hate Facebook Timeline

Geeks Have Landed: We love Facebook Timeline. It looks and works so much better than the previous profile page layout, even if it does want to publish everything you do online.

Not everyone has taken a liking to the new update though, in fact 70% of people dislike it.

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Gondee3072d ago

I really like it, but i guess thats just me. Every single feature they EVER release is hated at the start.

I wish they would have polled this question "Why do you like the old layout better?" Because i don't' think theres a good answer to that.

KingPin3072d ago

i like the old layout coz its more streamlined and in order. it doesnt look as cluttered as timeline does. there is order on the page. is that not a good enough answer to wanna stay with the old layout?

browse yahoo answers for a bit, people hate it for legitimate reasons and are looking for a way back to the previous layout. luckily for us we have extensions which makes this all possible.

C_Menz3072d ago

Yay another article about Timeline. Personally I like it and Most people I know do too. Most people who are against it just like to complain and are Those who complain about every little change Facebook does.

Timeline looks much nicer, gives more options to personalize your page, and the only downside is that it makes someone learn a new layout that takes a few minutes of thinking to learn it. That and it makes stalking someone's page a little harder for more recent posts.

SKUD3072d ago

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