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Why Didn’t Apple Advertise During the Super Bowl?

During the third quarter of the 1984 Super Bowl, viewers witnessed one of the most memorable commercials ever, “1984.” Twenty-eight years later, Apple ignored the most widely watched television event of the year and is instead mocked by one of its chief rivals. Did it make a mistake by skipping Super Bowl XLVI?

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C_Menz3583d ago

Apple doesn't need to advertise durin the Super Bowl since everyone pretty much knows them already and they can easily announce new big things on a smaller event and still garner a lot of attention.

fatstarr3583d ago

because they would be put on the FBI watch or something. and what happened to Microsoft with internet explorer and Google with search will happen to apple.

Gondee3583d ago

It is a waste of money, their products already have mass market attention, and anything excluding a price drop isn't going to make them sell any faster.