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zdnet : Five Reasons why Windows 8 will be dead on arrival

zdnet : Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Vista will have several things in common: Both are unwanted operating system updates that will flop in the marketplace.

Windows 8's Metro: The face of a DOA operating system.

Some of my die-hard Windows friends are very excited by Windows 8 arrival later this year. Others fear that Windows 8 will be a repeat of Microsoft’s Vista disaster. Me? I know Windows 8 will be a Vista-sized fiasco.

Before jumping into why I think far most PC users will still be running Windows 7 in 2016 than Windows 8, let me explain that while I prefer Linux as my desktop operating system, I don’t see Windows 8 charge into a brick wall as being a pro-Linux or anti-Microsoft issue.

krazykombatant4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

how are they unwanted?? I'm actually thinking of holding back and not buying a PC cuz windows 8 is around the corner.

one2thr4485d ago

I hope my pc can support it, without any technical hiccups.

4485d ago
mcstorm4485d ago

I have to disagree with this guy. Touch screen pc's are going to become the next thing in terms of pc's as it adds more to the mouse and keyboard.

Also windows dose need a app store as alot of people who use a pc dont know what they are doing and this offers a easy way for people to find apps and software.

As for the tablet route i agree that apple and android now have the market but the biggest problem with the ipad and android tablets is you still need a pc to do some things and they are still a mobile os. Windows 8 on a tablet will be a full os and if it is sold right people could just pickup a tablet for home instead of a laptop.

The metro ui IMHO is the best ui i have ever used on a mobile phone having had an iphone android windows mobile phones over the last few years ive found windows phone 7 to be the best os on the market as it is a very stable and fast os like the ios but it offers more information on the main screen like on android but via live tiles. Also not having different apps like facebook twitter ect to keep clicking into and just using the peoples hub is better than using apps.

I thing windows 8 will be a very big thing for microsoft because they are now doing what they should of done 10 years or so ago and make all the devices and software work together. I have a xoom at the moment and even though i really like it it still has limits and once windows 8 tablets hit the market i will be dropping my xoom for a windows tablet.

Captain Qwark 94485d ago

if you use a windows phone then you should know ms does have an app store, its in the zune software on your pc.

open zune, go to marketplace, click app tab.

but i do agree with the rest, i love my windows phone far more than the iphone or android, the ui is sleek and informative.

and as far as ms making all their devices similar, spot on. that should have been in the cards years ago but at least its finally happening. next up they need to phase out windows media player and make the zune software standard

mcstorm4485d ago

I know the app store is in zune but zune is not built into windows and for most of the users who use windows dont use or even know about the zune software.

I do agree with you though that they need to make zune there main video music player. It is by far the best looking and easiest to use out of wmp and itunes.

I also think ms should push zune pass alot more as well as to me paying £8.99 for unlimited music a month compared to £9.99 per album its a easy pick for me.

There are alot of microsoft haters out there but i think with windows 7 and 8 zune windows phone 7 office 2010 kinect xbox 360 metro ui skydrive and more ms are really showing us what they can do when they put there minds to it.

Captain Qwark 94485d ago

yes i agree with all of that. they dont market the zune software nearly well wnough and most people think wmp is it. and the zune pass, i have no idea how that is not insanely popular, also a solid answer to piracy. i myself used to pirate a lot of music, then i discovered the zune pass, cheap, safe, reliable. its the netflix of music.

lastly your right, there are a lot of ms haters out there and im not sure why. their products are excellent and their only improving more and more


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