What if the Vita had an Apple logo instead of Sony's?

Cnet: That's right, I plunked down a $50 deposit at a GameStop near work, thereby earning the right to own Sony's new handheld game console the day it comes out here in the U.S. on February 22.
I didn't catch too much grief among my fellow editors for doing it, although we have an ongoing debate in the office about how successful the Vita will be. A lot of folks think the Vita, like the Nintendo 3DS, will have a rough go of it, largely because it's just too expensive at $250 for the Wi-Fi-only version and $300 for the Wi-Fi+3G model.

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PaPa-Slam4061d ago

The writer makes an excellent point, PS-Vita is being bashed for being too expensive, but had it been an Apple product, people would have "eaten it up" even if it was $500 or over.

KingPin4060d ago

agree. lets face it, Apple products are now all about status. thats it, hardware wise it isnt anything you cant get elsewhere.

ok, i admit, the original iphone was something worth having. back then the best smartphone was probably a nokia symbian model.

but mp3 players? iPod just had great marketing. the sony walkman been rocking mp3 players before ipod seen the light of day on the design pages at apple.

everything Apple, from pcs to pads to laptops are all over priced products considering the hardware you get and the fact that you cannot upgrade such hardware, you have to buy a complete new product if you want the latest.

Apple to me gets a free pass on a lot of their products. im not saying they crappy by any means, but looking at the complete market you can just see how ripped off people get.

C_Menz4060d ago

Well it all has to do with fan bases and how outside media sources cover a company. Sony has it's loyal consumers however in the U.S it isn't as praised as other companies for some reason. Whether its their games, playstation, vita, televisions, etc. they always get nitpicked to death.

Apple on the other hand is very popular especially since it is seen as the 'cool thing' currently and gets a pass on some stuff from less serious media outlets.

badz1494060d ago

It will be at least a quarter less powerful, cost at least twice as much and American will hail it like the second coming. Yet, next year a slightly revamped model will be released named Vita 3GS!

BeastOrange4060d ago

I personally don't believe the PS network will maintain the support Apple or Microsoft could.

plato4060d ago

It would cost $2000...

-Mezzo-4060d ago

Yet be a blockbuster HIT.

aDDicteD4060d ago

nice points and i agree that sony should make downloadable games much cheaper like apple did to boost its sales

Liquid_Ocelot4060d ago

Apple has never offered any "real" games for any "real" gamer imo. Spin-offs and such can't compare to Sony/Nintendo handheld games.

My two cents.

f7897904060d ago

Why would you pre-order for $50? I got my pre-order from Target for $1.

frelyler4060d ago

What's it matter? In the end he still pays the same right? He could reply that he now only has to plop down 200 or 250 depending on the model whereas you have to plop down 249 or 299 on release day.

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