The Internet makes you stupid, but this app might make you smarter

Venture Beat - Undisputed fact I just made up: The more time we spend online, the dumber and more myopic we get.

Hacker Noah Litvin set out to combat that observable phenomenon with DailyPag.es, an app that works a lot like an online book club.

The app is a simple, email-based system that delivers a chpater of a book to your inbox every so often. Sign yourself into the Art of War group, for example, and you’ll get periodical deliveries of Sun Tzu’s classic manual on martial (or business) competition.

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Windows Copilot gets its artificial tendrils deeper into the OS settings in a new beta update

And, for once, some of what it can do looks genuinely useful.

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How Meta Is Preparing for the EU’s 2024 Parliament Elections

As the election approaches,Meta plans to activate an Elections Operations Center to identify potential threats and put mitigations in place in real time.

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sonicwrecks92d ago

Don't call it a comeback... because it's not.


NVIDIA will Reveal New AI Advancements at CES 2024

NVIDIA will have a Special Address at CES 2024 which is scheduled for Monday, 8 Jan. at 8 a.m. PT / 5 p.m. CET.

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