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Valentines Day 2012: Top 10 Valentine’s Day Apps

IBTimes writes,

Whatever your relationship status, there's someone in your life who needs some love this Valentine's Day, so check out this great list of top 10 apps dedicated to that relationship. This isn't a list of live wallpaper apps, though there are plenty of them in the App Store and Android Market. Instead, we've included cool games, photo apps, kids apps and more.

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itech1533277d ago

my lovely Valentine stuff! :)

BeastOrange3277d ago

Pretty cheesy aps if ask me, a couple decent but nothing worth any time. I would download a Vday AngryBirds before any of those

spy20123277d ago

I can not agree with you more~

itech1533276d ago

It exsits as there must have some reasons!

they are interesting apps.