If RIM wants to fix the BlackBerry brand, it's time for some demolition

The Verge - Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Research In Motion announced last week that it's replaced dual-CEOs Mike Lazardis and Jim Balsillie with the heretofore unknown Thorsten Heins. The news came on the heels of recent (and very public) questions about the leadership of the company, as its marketshare continues on a steep, downward path.

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The BlackBerry, Trying to Avoid the Hall of Fallen Giants

Ian Austen, The New York Times:

"Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, sent its co-chief executives packing last week and replaced them with Thorsten Heins, who had been RIM’s chief operating officer. How would he characterize his employer?"

gamernova4495d ago

It's a shame. The blackberry is a great phone but I did go droid. I was looking or a multi-media experience but no android is as reliable as the blackberry. I would get a blackberry over an iPhone for the business setting, though.


RIM CEOs to Give Up Top Posts in Shuffle

WSJ: After 20 years together at the helm of Research In Motion Ltd., Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, the company's co-chief executives, said they planned to turn over the top job early Monday to a little-known company insider as part of a board and management shuffle.

For months, investors have clamored for a significant strategic overhaul, fresh leadership or a sale of the company as the BlackBerry maker struggled to stay competitive with rivals Apple Inc. and Google Inc. amid operational blunders and a tumbling share price.

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RIM Introduces BlackBerry BBX

At today's BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 event, Research In Motion (RIM) unveiled BlackBerry BBX, it's next-gen mobile platform that combines the better features of the BlackBerry platfirm and QNX for smartphones and tablets.

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fatstarr4596d ago

at least rim is doing something to keep up with the competition. good luck to them it seems interesting.