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Will you pay for Facebook?

Ed Oswald, BetaNews:

"Are you ready to pay for Facebook? You just may. Analyst Foad Fadaghi of Telsyte, an Australian technology research firm, tells that premium accounts are an option to increase revenues."

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cyberbob3278d ago

I'm not much addicted with Mark's Book lol

SKUD3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

F that. But, there's a sucker out there who will.

BeastOrange3277d ago

FaceBook will be shooting itself in the foot if the IPO goes through and the new board want s to charge for the social networking site. I can tell you Google wont be charging anyone any money. Besides all people I want to know I can use my phone for!!

Sobari3277d ago

Everyone would jump to Google+. They could have possibly got away with it if they did it earlier, but now that they have competition to worry about, they can't.

Speed-Racer3277d ago

If they do, I'm closing my account and going full stream on Twitter.

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The story is too old to be commented.